The Vancouver Wising Wells Counselling Service offers a variety of counselling support for children and adolescents.  We also provide parenting support for parents and families in the Vancouver, Richmond & Burnaby area:

Counselling For Children / Child Play Therapy
Play Therapy – Children under 12 years of age can significantly benefit from Play Therapy. Play is the language of children just like how adults communicate through words. Play Therapy is suitable for children with emotional and behavioral problems.

Child Emotional & Behavior Intervention / Parenting Consultation
Children may sometimes express challenging behaviours due to a variety of reasons. We aim to support parents in exploring the reasons and meanings behind children’s challenging behaviours. Depending on each unique situation, our play therapists will work together with parents in exploring different ways to tackle their children behaviours in parenting consultation and strategize a child behavior intervention plan.

The Playroom Counselling Experience
When a child experiences emotional and behavioral problems, play therapy can facilitate problem solving and promote appropriate behaviors.  Children are seen in the Play Room during the process of counselling / Child Play Therapy. Visit our Playroom and learn more about child play therapy and the playroom experience!

Parent-Child Relationship Counselling and Filial Therapy
Filial Therapy – We believe parents have great potential to become constructive forces in changing their children’s challenging behaviours. Filial Therapy is about training parents in basic child play therapy techniques & principles.  With the support of our trained therapists, parents are guided to respond to their children’s feelings and behaviours in a different way. Filial Therapy approach will enhance parent-child relationship as well as encouraging appropriate behaviors for children.

Counselling For Adolescents
Adolescence is a stage involving the transition from childhood to adulthood, in which considerable physical, emotional and mental changes take place. Professional counselling support is available to help parents and adolescents enhance their communication and relationship during this major transition. We also support adolescents through individual counselling to deal with the overwhelming challenges they face.

Counselling For Family and Family Play Therapy
Family Therapy helps to enhance parent-child relationship, positive interactions and communication. Through the fun play based therapy, we help parents to develop strategies in dealing with children’s behavioral challenges.  Family Play Therapy also helps to improve each individual’s emotional well-being while fostering better interconnected parent-child relationships within the same family.

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Click Here for resources on how to explain play therapy & counselling to your child.  The Vancouver Wishing Wells Counselling office is located in Vancouver west side – Oakridge area, accessible by Canada Line & BC Transit.

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