In addition to receiving individuals, couples, and families, our office also conducts groups and workshops. Group therapy has the benefit of the additional support from other members who are experiencing similar struggles. Some members may have personal insight to provide from working through their own difficulties. We offer various types of groups from time to time depending on need and availability of counsellors. Certain short-term groups such as parent-child play groups occur over several consecutive days. Other groups may be scheduled once a week on a week night to accommodate members’ work schedules. Psycho-educational groups serve to develop and enhance members’ existing skills and abilities. Please contact us to inquire about any current and upcoming groups that you may wish to participate in.

We also offer workshops on a variety of topics in the community and for professional development. Workshops provide specific and pertinent information to help you broaden your scope of knowledge regarding mental health conditions, warning signs and indicators signalling the need for further support or treatment, and strategies for care and building resilience. Knowledge is often a first defense to help you gain awareness when difficulties arise allowing you to take action before the issues significantly disrupt your life and the lives of those you love.

Speaking Engagements:
We are also able to offer workshops at your church, in your community, or even at your office or business. A large selection of topics on mental and psychological health and well-being are available for you to choose from. As well, we can tailor our workshops specifically to your needs. Some suggested topics are available in the Workshops sub-section of our website.

For further inquiries or to speak with one of our therapists directly, please call us at 604-568-6556. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss workshop arrangement options with you.

Further information about Groups & Workshops: