Individual Counselling / Individual Therapy:
Individual counselling is a joint effort between a client and a therapist working on certain problems defined by the client. Our BC registered clinical counsellors provide counselling support for a wide range of issues in the Vancouver area, such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems and self-esteem building, etc. Our counsellors can also help you identify your problems and define goals in the counselling process. We will assist you in finding the best alternatives to cope with challenging situation and build upon your personal strengths and potentials.

Relationship Counselling:
As human beings, we all longed to be loved and desired to be belonged. Some people struggle in building friendships or developing intimate relationships with others. Some people may struggle in maintaining relationships or overcoming inter-personal conflicts. Even for couples who are dating or married, there are bound to be challenges. During the process of individual counselling, our counsellors will help you to identify the problems and explore alternatives.

Personal Growth & Development:
There is often a stigma attached to seeking help. However, Individual Counselling or Therapy is not only designed for people encountering problems. Many individuals today seek professional counselling in their personal growth and development. Individuals can certainly benefit from counselling to maintain balance with their emotional well being and to explore their inner potentials.

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