Our Team

Rowena Au

Rowena’s approach with individuals or families is influenced by person-centered and attachment theory. Rowena holds a strong passion in working with children, adolescents, couples and families. She has previous experience working with adolescents by organizing group programs. She also has over four years of experience serving at the crisis line.

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Vivian Chan

Vivian uses a non-directive and client-centered approach to help individuals process their internal feelings and thoughts. She believes in the resiliency and potential of each individual and views each person as capable of maintaining emotional, physical and spiritual balance given the appropriate setting. Vivian enjoys working with children and is dedicated to work collaboratively with parents to enhance parent-child relationship and attachment.

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Gabriel Fung

Gabriel views individual issues through the scope of the family context when working with individuals, couples, and families. It is his desire to see families brought closer together and for healthier relationships to develop among its members. Gabriel has a strong passion for helping adolescents through their struggles and transitions. He recognizes the difficulties of the teenage years for all members of the family and is dedicated to helping families come to a better understanding of those challenges as well as seeking out ways to achieve equilibrium in the home.

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