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Helping children with Autism & Aspergers to communicate & relate

Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

While the cause of Autism remains unknown, there seems to be an increase in the diagnosis of the ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder condition. Autism spectrum disorders (including Aspergers Syndrome) and autism involve difficulties in relating and establish relationships. They also involve difficulties in communication and cognitive thinking.

Myths of Autism:
When Autism was first studied in 1940, it was understood that people with Autism are unable to love, cannot form loving and warm relationships. However, the work by Dr. Stanley Greenspan suggests that children with Autism Spectrum disorders can also experience a sense of love with significant others, such as their parents or caregivers. In addition, research by Morton Gernsbacher and her colleagues shows that children with ASD can also pay attention and understand human emotions when encouraged & directed.
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At Times of Adversity

By Rosamond Chan M.C., R.C.C.

It is impossible to avoid adversity. It is also our natural tendency to get rid of the negative feelings associated with adversity. As an automatic response, we may try to blame others or the situation and hope to feel “better”:

  • “My boss made me so mad!”
  • “The financial situation makes me worry.”
  • “If my family can be more understanding, I will feel less shameful about the lay-off.”

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Co-Parenting after Separation or Divorce – PART I

By Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

While going through a divorce is very stressful and emotionally exhausted for a couple, it can also be as devastating for children. Divorce or separation can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience for adults to sort out many issues such finances, housing and custody of your children, etc. However, co-parenting during the process of separation or after a divorce can be as challenging to a lot or parents. What should parents know about co-parenting after divorce?
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