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Surviving the Loss of your Baby: Coping after a Stillbirth

Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

From the moment pregnancy is confirmed, expectant parents normally start to bond with the unborn child. When this precious baby turns out not to be viable, dreams, fantasies and plans for the future are shattered. As an expectant mother or parent, the birth of your child is a time of joy and celebration.

In spite of the advanced medical knowledge and precaution, stillbirths still happen. The Canadian National infant mortality rate (number of deaths of children less than one year of age) is approximate 5% per per 1,000 live births. The infant mortality rate in British Columbia is approximate 4.1% ( Statistics Canada: Infant Mortality Rate). When the tragedy of stillbirth occurs, the pain is devastating and profound for the parents and their extended families.

The loss of your baby may trigger some of the following questions, blame on yourself or on others:
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Co-Parenting after Separation or Divorce – PART I

By Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

While going through a divorce is very stressful and emotionally exhausted for a couple, it can also be as devastating for children. Divorce or separation can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience for adults to sort out many issues such finances, housing and custody of your children, etc. However, co-parenting during the process of separation or after a divorce can be as challenging to a lot or parents. What should parents know about co-parenting after divorce?
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The Impact of Pornography on Marital Relationships

By Vivian Chan, MC, RCC

The solitary and secretive natures of internet pornography consumption do not isolate the impact from others; rather, the impact of viewing the sexually explicit material is often being felt by the entire family system, not to mention other systems (i.e. work) of the user. The marital relationship is the system where the impact should be most prominent because it is the foundational sexual union that can be easily affected by sexual pursuits outside the marital contract.

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