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Articles about Personal Development

Coping After Your Separation or Divorce

By Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

When most of us decided to get married, we made the decision to share a life with a significant other for the rest of our lives. Some of us probably were ecstatic that our dreams had finally come true – that we have finally found a person who would love us dearly for the rest of our lives. Most of us spent lots of time, money and energy on wedding planning as we all wanted the best memory possible.

However, not all of these marriages work out in the end. Continue Reading »

9 Tips on Building Healthy Relationships

By Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

Dating and marital relationship is about sharing, partnership, love and intimacy. A healthy and strong foundation will guide us through many challenges and conflicts over the span of a lifetime There are many things we can do on a daily basis to help us feel more intimate with each other. There are also many other things we may do, even unintentionally, which create further distance in our courting relationship or marriage.

1. Negotiating Gaps and Differences
Being able to negotiate gaps and differences are crucial in an intimate relationship. It is inevitable that a couple will be confronted with many challenges during the course of their relationship. Continue Reading »

The Impact of Pornography on Individuals

By Vivian Chan, MC, RCC

The power of internet pornography affects people in all gender and age groups. Although research identifies young males as the predominant consumers of pornography, many in the field of sexual addictions argue that online sexual activity has expanded the range of male and female consumers. According to Family Safe Media (2006), the percentage of visitors to adult sexual websites who are women is 1 in 3. The changing demographics of consumption, however, are not yet reflected in the research literature.

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