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Helping children with Autism & Aspergers to communicate & relate

Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

While the cause of Autism remains unknown, there seems to be an increase in the diagnosis of the ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder condition. Autism spectrum disorders (including Aspergers Syndrome) and autism involve difficulties in relating and establish relationships. They also involve difficulties in communication and cognitive thinking.

Myths of Autism:
When Autism was first studied in 1940, it was understood that people with Autism are unable to love, cannot form loving and warm relationships. However, the work by Dr. Stanley Greenspan suggests that children with Autism Spectrum disorders can also experience a sense of love with significant others, such as their parents or caregivers. In addition, research by Morton Gernsbacher and her colleagues shows that children with ASD can also pay attention and understand human emotions when encouraged & directed.
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The Power of Play in Strengthening Parent-Child Relationship

Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

The Power of Parent-Child Relationship – Every parent has the natural capacity to genuinely care for their children. No one should underestimate the power of parent-child relationship.

Although the Media, the Internet, the TV, and the new technology offer a lot of entertainment, education as well as convenience to our families, parents should always be the ones that have the most influences on our young children. Being able to influence our young children helps set the stage for negotiating with our teenagers in later years. We can influence our children and gain their trust when we have a strong relationship with them.

All relationships building requires times, effort, energy and investment. The ingredients for long lasting relationships are understanding, being valued, care, attention, trust, respect, fun, love, humor and forgiveness. When we fall in love with someone – we often feel cared for, loved, respected and understood, etc.
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Strengthening Parent-Child Relationship – bonding with your child using rituals

Pablee Wong, MC, RCC, RMFT, RPT-S

As parents we try to offer our best to our children and always be there for them. While our babies are small, some mothers bond with their infants through breastfeeding. Some others “wear” their babies in a sling or sing lullaby to them.  Eventually, we all develop different ways to bond with our children.

We are human beings of rituals. We practice many rituals throughout a year or even within a day. Rituals are one of the many factors that distinguish a culture or religion from one another. Family rituals can help building the family bond and its identity. Further, rituals can also offer our children tradition, cultures, and values and provide stability and predictability.

Using rituals to bond with our children is almost as natural as breastfeeding.  Rituals can be a very fun, loving and special time between parents and their children.
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