Child Behavioural and Emotional Challenges

Parenting can be a very satisfying, rewarding, and yet challenging task. Parenting can sometimes even be exhausting and frustrating, especially when our children are exhibiting challenging behaviors or worrisome emotions. Our therapists can work together with you to develop a parenting plan to tackle these challenges. We will support you in understanding your children’s needs, learning important parenting principles, and developing effective strategies to improve relationships at home.

We also have therapists trained in Child Play Therapy, who can work directly with children who need additional support in processing their emotions.

Child Behavioural counselling can take place either with one or both parents, with the parents and child, or with the child individually. The type of sessions will be tailored specifically for you by your counsellor. If you want to strengthen your parent-child relationship, we encourage you to contact us directly to book an appointment with one of our counsellors. Your counsellor will guide you through the process at a pace that is comfortable for you.