Crime Victims, Abuse, and Trauma

If you have been through a life threatening and traumatic experience such as a natural disaster, serious motor vehicle accident, violent assault, or abuse, it is natural to feel distressed and upset. For some people, these feelings gradually subside but for others, distress and anxiety may persist. Sometimes these feelings become so intense and debilitating that daily functioning is significantly impacted. Perhaps you may feel that the world is no longer safe and things are out of your control. Counselling can help to address these issues.

Regardless of how recent or long ago your traumatic experience was, our counsellors can gently guide you through the process of coming to terms with the emotions you experienced during and after the trauma. We will support you through the process of healing and developing resilience. Should you happen to be a victim of a criminal act, we also accept counselling claims through the Crime Victims Services.

To begin your emotional recovery, we encourage you to contact us directly to book an appointment with one of our counsellors. Your counsellor will guide you through the process at a pace that is comfortable for you.