Depression & Anxiety

Struggling with depression and anxiety can be a very frustrating, unpleasant, and exhausting experience both for the person experiencing it and for their loved ones. Anxiety disorders are characterized by intense fear, worrying thoughts, and can manifest real physical symptoms. Anxiety disorders can often co-exist with depression.

Anxiety and depression are quite common. According to Statistics Canada in a 2012 study, “about 3.2 million people, or 11.3% [of Canadians], had symptoms consistent with depression and a total of 2.4 million Canadians reported symptoms consistent with generalized anxiety disorder during their lifetime” (Statistics Canada, 2015).

If anxiety and/or depression are left untreated, one’s productivity, employment, relationship with others, health, and well-being are all significantly impacted. As these overwhelming emotional experiences may be difficult to cope with, seeking counselling support can be helpful. Through the counselling process, we can help you explore the roots of and alternatives to your problem, suggesting ways to alleviate symptoms and live in more freedom and hope.

If you are considering counselling as an option for the very first time, we are here to support you. Simply contact us for further information and book your first session. Your counsellor will guide you through the rest at a pace that is comfortable for you.