Grief & Loss

One of the most stressful events in life is the experience of loss; the loss of health, safety, a job, a relationship, or a loved one. It is typical that people grieve after a loss, although the length of the grieving process is different for everyone. With the support of friends and family, most people can move on and go back to their normal daily life in due time. However, some people may feel stuck in their grieving process. In this case, seeking professional support through counselling can help you navigate the difficulties around grief so that you can find a new “normal” in life.

Our counsellors can help by offering constructive ways to cope with your loss, along with suggestions for managing symptoms of grief. We can also guide you toward a new vision as you adjust to living in the new reality after your loss.

If you are considering counselling as an option for the very first time, we are here to support you. Simply contact us for further information and book your first session. Your counsellor will guide you through the rest at a pace that is comfortable for you.