Marriage & Family Therapy

Family is the first place where people experience relationship and where people learn about love, conflict, communication, and life. These experiences with your family will have a great influence on your current behaviours and relationships. In Marriage and Family therapy, the individual is treated within the context of their family relationships, even if he or she is receiving counselling alone.

Marriage and Family Therapists work with individuals, couples and families within the context of family, couple, and/or marital systems, which offer a more holistic perspective to the issues at hand. Research demonstrates that marriage and family therapy is more effective than individual treatments for many mental, emotional and health issues. Problems such as mood disorders, children’s behavioural issues, adolescent and adult substance abuse, anorexia, chronic physical illness, and marital challenges can all be treated effectively with Marriage and Family Therapy.

If you are considering Marriage and Family Therapy for yourself or a loved one, begin by contacting us to inquire about your specific needs. We are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our services and to pair you with one of our counsellors to begin your counselling journey toward wholeness.