Premarital Counselling

Whether you are in the preparation stages of tying the knot, or you’re simply exploring the possibility together, being well prepared with the right tools is an important part of setting up a strong foundation for your marriage.

Unlike premarital group sessions elsewhere, premarital counselling with us offers you the benefit of individualized attention with a counsellor trained in marriage and family therapy. We will help you identify specific risk factors and work with you to strategize on how to prevent those them from becoming hindrances for your relationship. At the same time, we will highlight areas that require special attention and provide tools to strengthen how you relate to each other.

Typically, premarital counselling is approximately 6 – 8 sessions. This varies depending on your specific needs and the pace of counselling that is most comfortable for you. Common topics such as expectations, family background, finances, leisure, and children among others are often discussed within the premarital counselling process.

Some of our counsellors prefer to use the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment as a tool to better understand your relationship dynamics. This is a paid self-report assessment that you would complete online, privately and individually, prior to your first session. The results are automatically generated and your counsellor will receive the report which can then be used during your sessions together.

If you are ready to begin premarital counselling, or if you are still unsure but would like further clarification, we invite you to contact us directly and speak with one of our staff who will gladly answer your questions and pair you with one of our counsellors.